Magic Signon \ OpenWebAuth (OWA)

also known as Remote Authentication or rMagic

Allows you to sign on to websites, social media sites, and forums using your social identity.

There are two components: identity providers and websites. An identity provider, such as Hubzilla or Friendica, provides you with a social identity, while a website allows you to authenticate (i.e. sign on) with your social identity.

Identity Providers

Current identity providers include Hubzilla, Streams, and Friendica. And we are working on Pixelfed and Mastodon support.

Servers / Websites

Currently Hubzilla and Streams.

How to Remotely Authenticate

Using remote authentication is easy. In many cases, it is automatic.

  1. Log into your home hub or instance on this device (and stay logged in).
  2. Enter your channel address on the sign on page and press the "authenticate" button.

The website will check and see if you are logged into your home hub or instance on this device, and if you are, it will remotely authenticate you.

If you try to authenticate and it returns you back to the authentication page, you are either not logged into your home hub, or you typed your channel name incorrectly.